Supplier of water from air systems for home, office & industrial environments.

Atmospheric Water Generators use refrigeration techniques to condense moisture present in the air.

These innovative machines extract humidity from the air which is filtered, condensed, and then processed through an additional multi-step filtration system; producing "purified great tasting water with no chlorine, fluoride, or heavy metals present.

This will be guaranteed the purest quality of water you could ever dream of drinking.

How AWG's Work:

  1. A centrifugal fan draws air into the system through an electrostatic filter.
  2. The compressor circulates refrigerant through a coil array and the chilled coils condense moisture from the air.
  3. The condensed water drips down and collects in a holding tank underneath the coils. This water is then pumped firstly through a series of high-density and low-density charcoal filters to remove the solids and oxygenate the water.
  4. Secondly it goes through a reverse osmosis filter and thirdly through an ozone-generating ultraviolet light chamber to kill bacteria.
  5. Finally it can be pumped into the holding tank, depending on the end use of the water.
Water generating system
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  • On average, July is the most humid
  • On average, November is the least humid month
  • The average annual percentage of humidity is: 76.0%

  • The mean monthly relative humidity over the year in Cape Town, South Africa

    Water generating system