1000L Air Water Generator

Saving water has never been easier

Aquacello Atmostpheric Water Generators capture, convert and regulate water from air

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AWG's convert water from thin air

Aquacello's products provide a highly advanced & 'green' solution to water scarcity

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20000 Litre

Aquacello Water from Air Machines

Suitable for use in all residential, commercial and remote business locations.

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Free standing AQUA50

The purest quality of drinking water from air

Sustainable, healthy and evironmentally friendly.

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Supplier of water from air systems for home, office & industrial environments.

Atmospheric Water Generators

Sky Water Technology

Drinking Water from Air - The purest quality of water

We all need water to survive, work, eat, live healthy and to participate in recreation. But with water becoming more scarce and polluted and global populations increasing, the demand on our natural resources are at an all time high.

Aquacello's range of AWG water from air machines provide a highly advanced and 'green' solution.

We have various solutions to capture, convert and regulate water from air for personal and industrial use, our Atmospheric Water Generators range from 20 litres per day right up to 20 000 litres per day, our expert sales and servicing teams have the necessary skills to scope a solution for your exact requirements. Site surveys for larger installations are recommended and are completed by an AWG engineer.

Visit us today at our Showroom and Service Centre in Atlas Gardens Business Park to view our light industrial units. Our service centre is fully equipped to support and service a range of AWG’s, whether you purchased your unit from Aquacello or not we offer an end to end service offering on a range of machines, an Aquacello Technician can come to site alternatively you can deliver your unit to our service centre where our team will be able to provide you with a quotation to repair your unit. We offer SLA’s to suit any requirements and welcome enquiries to support your current installation.

Aquacello AWG Products

Clean drinking water
AWG product range

Capture, convert and regulate water from air

AWG's extract humidity from the air which is filtered, condensed, and then processed through an additional multi-step filtration system producing purified great tasting water with no chlorine, fluoride, or heavy metals present. This will be guaranteed the purest quality of water you could ever dream of drinking.

Solutions range from 20 litres up to 20 000 litres, and can easily be implemented by our expert team.

How AWG's Work

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First AWG installed in Plattekloof

Tygerburg article image courtesy: Monique Duval - Tygerburger
Image courtesy: Monique Duval - Tygerburger

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Western Cape could run out of dam water by 2019
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Aquacello focuses on technologies and systems that provide cost effective clean drinking water throughout Africa while at the same time saving precious water resources and enhancing our green footprint.

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